Client Advice

Young or mature escort? Which is the best for you.

There many benefits to booking with both younger and more mature escorts. The type of encounter you want will obviously dictate to you, which type of girl you choose. Of course, there are pros and cons to both women also. So, depending on what boxes you desire ticked, will also help you decide upon what type of woman you will choose to have an encounter with. 

Younger escorts: 

Young ladies are held in high regard for their youthful and beauty. Being considered to be fun sexy and open to try new things. A younger escort is certainly the kind of girl you would consider if you were after some high energy fun in the bedroom, with a sexy little minx or the type of encounter which has a party atmosphere to it. If you have an encounter like this in mind, then there are many pros to booking with younger escorts. They will certainly blow your mind in the bedroom and with their sexy dance moves. 

However, there are some cons as well. Being the kind of ladies, who are not always suitable to accompany slightly older gentlemen out in public, without the age difference looking a little too obvious. More so, they can sometimes not be on the same wave length as clients, due to their ages, when trying to have an in depth and intelligent conversation. 

Mature escorts: 

Mature women are known for being classy in the single most sexy of mannerisms. Having a large among of enthusiasm and knowing how to treat a man. Plus, being knowledgeable about life in general and having a lot of experience within dating and all this pleasurable. The pros to these women are that they are, unlike younger girls, perfect for more intimate and passionate encounters. Giving you services such as open minded GFE’s and more. For this reason, things like dinner dates, public events and any other encounter of this sorts, are going to be phenomenal. 

There are some cons, as always, to booking with a mature lady. One being that some of them do not always have the perfect figures. Of course, with age, some things tend to not look as perfect as they once did. However, apart from this. You really cannot go wrong with booking one of them!