Top 3 Sexual Fantasies

Domination & Submission: 

Everyone likes to take the back seat a little from time to time and get dominated by their other half. However, men more so than women. This is due to the fact that in general life, they are the ones who take the lead. For this reason, in the bedroom, they like to be out of control from time to time, getting rid of their daily persona for a moment. 

You could try blindfolds, handcuffs, a bit of light bondage or even just a little dirty talk and watch how he becomes more and more excited by what you are doing to him as the seconds pass. It is said that being the submissive person for once makes men feel mentally and sexually fulfilled, unlike anything else. 

Three-sum or orgy: 

A 3-sum is a classic fantasy for a man. Being in bed with more than one woman and all three of them interacting together, is more than enough to get a man hot under the collar just thinking about it. A lot of men just want to do this, to feel like a bit of an alpha male or for the fun of it, and to have something to brag about. While enjoy the highly erotic and sexual experience. 

If you would be into this and would be happy for someone to join you and your man in the bedroom, then it will certainly be appreciated! 

Watching (Voyeurism): 

Men’s most heightened sense is that of sight. They love to watch you and see everything. Give him a front row view in everything that is going on. Or, just run a bubble bath and invite him in to ‘innocently’ sit and talk with you. However, just know that he is watching you and having erotic thoughts in his mind. Something like this, is the perfect before-foreplay game to play. All you really need to figure out is, does he simply want to watch and let things take place afterwards, or does he want to watch for a moment and then join in with the fun?