Public sex fantasy

Having public sex is a fantasy that takes over the minds of many men and women. The thought of potentially getting caught or having someone see them, simply makes it seem all the more exciting and naughtier. It is one of the most common fantasies to have in the entire world. So, if you are one of the many people with a public sex fantasy, do not be scared to mention it to your partner. It is more often than not they were thinking the same thing! However, if you are not sure of ‘suitable’ places or settings to suggest to your sexual partner. We have the perfect list of settings for you to choose from: 

First one being the gym. Have you ever been there on a Saturday night and been the only two people training? Well, why not sneak into the changing rooms for some potentially public fun? Making for a very exciting session of fun indeed. Knowing that someone could potentially walk in any minute and catch the two of you, is sure to get you adrenaline to an all time high! This probably wasn’t the first place you thought of but will certainly be one that you will enjoy! 

The most obviously place would be a park, late night under some trees, bushes or simply on one of the benches. Most people public sex fantasy will take place here, both in their mind and in reality. This is one of the best places, because it gives you a little more discretion, especially late at night, but there is also still that possibility of someone seeing you. 

A public toilet is every likely to be the second most popular public sex fantasy scene, of all time. Offering you privacy in the shape of the bathroom stall, in which many positions can be done. However, someone could hear you, or the noise and figure out exactly what is going on. All in all, this setting offers some high energy erotic fun, in various positions. If you are feeling super adventuous, why not do it by the sinks and forget the stall all together. 

This one is more popular with women. But the beach nonetheless is an extremely popular site. Romantic, peaceful and with beautiful scenery. You are sure to find this one to be the best place of all, to take your girlfriend for some erotic and sensual moments.