Party Escorts

Birmingham escorts love to party day or night!

There are various ways in which you can pay Birmingham Party escorts for their time. The usual method of payment is cash directly to the girl. Some independent Party escorts can accept card payments. Or girls that are advertised by Birmingham Party escort agencies can be paid through the business card processor. Then the Birmingham Party escort agency gives the money in cash to the girl after their fees are taken. As long as the escort in Birmingham Party is paid for her time, there are no issues that can arise.  

However, particularly in the case of independent Birmingham Party escorts; they like to be paid in other ways. Many of them have a wish list. Instead of paying by cash or card, you can buy them a present. Typical gifts in kind are perfumes, shoes or clothes. They may ask you to order something specific from an online shop. Or pay the monthly installment of a catalogue. It is not uncommon for an escort to use your card to pay a bill with your permission.  

Technically, by receiving a gift, she isn’t receiving any money that is classified as a profit. It is a conditional gift. She is spending her time with you. In return you are purchasing a gift or treating her. Girls who like to be paid in this manner, do not feel like prostitutes because no cash is being exchanged. Most gifts are not subject to gift tax. Therefore, an escort does not have to pay tax on a gift. A gift is a gift, simple as that. If an escort spends time with a client because he has given her a gift, that is an agreement between two consenting adults. A client can legally give an escort three thousand pounds worth of gifts, known as annual exemption. Any unused annual exemption can be carried over to the next year. A Birmingham Party escort does not have to declare a gift as an income.